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 President Eisenhower Meets the Aliens?


A Wiki-Page Created By Ajay, Darryn, Lauren, and Mitchell!







There have been rumors and conspiracy theories for years that President Dwight Eisenhower met with alien visitors in 1954 in a hastily arranged trip.



As the story goes, he was quickly called away from his scheduled routine to see an alien craft and its wreckage, and exchange pleasantries with beings from beyond the stars. The location for this alleged clandestine meeting was Edwards Air Force Base.



The basis of this story was that during the week of February 17-24, when he was in Palm Springs, California, he did disappear on the evening of Saturday, February 20, 1954. When the press learned that Ike was not where he was scheduled to be, they demanded an explanation.


When the press did not get their answer quick enough, rumors began to spread that the President was either very ill, or worse, had died.


 This Wiki-Page will help uncover the secrets behind this mystery and and may even be able to discover the truth behind this "conspiracy theory", so check out some of the links below!


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