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Coast to Coast AM Radio Show

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Coast to Coast AM Radio Show



His request is fueled by a man who called in to a broadcast of George Noory's "Coast to Coast AM" on February 3, 2009.


The man, who called himself "Bob," told Noory of his recent acquisition of old 16mm black and white film which showed Eisenhower and the late eccentric inventor and billionaire, Howard Hughes. The two men were allegedly shown inspecting remains of a crashed flying saucer, along with its alien crew.


Of course, all we have here is one man's testimony. And a disturbing fact is that during the radio broadcast, Noory told the man that he would talk to him off the air. What the two discussed, or what additional details Noory gleaned from this conversation we do not know at this time.


While on the air, the unknown man did tell the audience that he was military, and his job was monitoring satellite cameras. When asked how he got his hands on the film, he stated that he had "inherited" them.


He added that he had viewed some of the film, and what he had seen "scared him to death."


This is all very interesting, and if the entire story could be proven, it would certainly shock the world. If any new information comes from this, I will certainly update this information, but I mean, YOU can also update yourself on this as well! Right from this wiki-page!


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